There are over 3.5 billion searches per day that take place online. Imagine if just half of them were done using Ecosia?

This search engine keeps everything private and you can browse the same way. Some of the features that you normally get on major search engines like google aren’t there like the maps with reviews and shopping integration. But even if it takes 2 minutes longer to find the place, your searches will be making a difference to the environment. Ecosia has captured the hearts of many by doing business that benefits the planet through your interests. Imagine, every time you do research you are planting a tree, and as soon as you become conscious of this then you will enjoy the experience so much more.

  • USER FRIENDLY – If you can use one you can use the other. Ecosia might not have all the functions you are currently using but you can make a difference in the environment for every search you make.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Ecosia’s servers run on renewable energy meaning that the only footprint they leave is with the trees they plant. They put the planet first in their efforts to make sure you find what you are looking for.
  • PRIVACY – Ecosia protects your searches from potential eavesdroppers with a securely encrypted connection. Ecosia does not sell any of your data to advertisers.
  • OPEN WITH INFORMATION – Ecosia publishes its financial reports so that you will be able to see where the money goes. When you use Ecosia you will be contributing to reforesting and you will be able to see it through the website.
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There are amazing people running this organization that use there income to positively impact the environment. Ecosia is more than a search engine to us it is a symbol of hope in the internet, it means that there are people on the other side of the world fighting for the life of our earth and our existence. we all have a role to play in the outcome of our generation and thanks to the efforts of these Eco Warriors we will have a lot more trees if we all used Ecosia as an alternative to other search engines.