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Planting Trees on the 1st of september

Together with your help we can give future generations more oxygen and food by planting 1 million trees.

If you plant fruit trees in a few years you will be able to walk down the road trading fruits with neighbours and those without food will be able to eat thanks to your efforts and all it will take is 1 day of your life

The plan :

  • Purchase 2 trees or seeds from a nursery.
  • Plant 1 shade tree in the garden, and 1 fruit tree outside the yard or wherever you find a good place on the 1st of September.
  • Share a picture using the hashtag #ecowarrior #Growsouthafrica

We will unite across South Africa and be a part of movement that will serve our children and grandchildren beyond our time on earth.

We have a goal setting course up for grabs sponsored by #grantrepreneur.

A weekend getaway in a geodome which sits in the Knysna Forest giving you a fully sustainable off the grid experience.

A sustainable weekend away in a sandbag hobbit house located in Knysna Forest.

A mandala design sponsored by #TJHarichand

Thank you for joining me on this journey to aim for a million trees. I do not know you but I love you and thank you.

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