Welcome To The Tribe

Together Eco Warriors around the world are making a difference in their countries bringing awareness back to nature and fighting for the protection of animals, people , the environment and really the planets future.

Sustainable Living

Useful Eco Warrior Tips

Help us plant 1 million trees across South Africa

We will unite across South Africa and be a part of movement that will serve our children and grandchildren beyond our time on earth.

If you plant fruit trees in a few years you will be able to walk down the road trading fruits with neighbours and those without food will be able to eat thanks to your efforts and all it will take is 1 day of your life

And thank you for joining me on this journey to aim for a million trees. I do not know you but I love you and thank you.

What is an Eco Warrior?

An eco warrior is someone that has taken up the role to put the planet first. Get involved in protecting and restoring order the the natural way of things.

Want to live a natural lifestyle?

We express minimalism but in some cases people want to purchase things like cleaning stuff, cutlery, clothing and more. in this case do research and check what you are using, if its harmful don't use it. Make it yourself or shop at a place that does stock these items.

Where can i get started on my journey?

We are constantly working to keep our resources updated to assist you in getting involved with helping the environment, animals and humans. But also we have an online store if you are looking for items in the home and for traveling sustainably.

Sustainable Living & Travel

I Left the city to travel & volunteer at sustainable places

After working 7 years in the marketing & sales industry i needed more out of life, i knew with all my heart that this is not the reason people are alive, to buy and sell and live out our lives with no clear consequences of our actions. I needed to provide more value to our world, i needed to find out what really matters to me, the planet and to others. So i Left my job and took marketing on the road and now i volunteer myself to sustainable places to help off the grid living become online, I help host & plan events that benefit our planet and i ensure that whatever it is i do makes a difference in restoring order to our environment, animals and people . There is no more time to waste.

Online store for eco warriors

Our online store is dedicated to helping you live a sustainable lifestyle.

Online Store for Home & Travel ( Coming Soon )

Which Way

We have created an online store that will assist you in making your home more sustainable. We will keep improving on our packages and products to assist you in taking your home and turning it into a home that lives in harmony with our planet. We will be bringing alternatives to products you are currently using like Plastic free options, Cleaning supplies, Solar equipment & more.