There has been a very big increase in the amount of fish and other marine life that has been taken out of the seas in recent decades, and globally many fish stocks are already fully fished or overexploited. Sassi combats overfishing through your efforts. They have made it easier for everyone to check out the sustainability of fish before the purchase. Remember that you control the demand and as long as we make the right choice for us and the ocean then we will make things right. For example Hake and calamari is is in the same zone which is a common favorite throughout South Africa. Every person adds up so whenever you think it’s just one fish know that you are not alone, and everybody is needed to help save our oceans.

Let’s use tuna to describe the importance of using sassi.

Yellowfin tuna caught by pole in South Africa is on the Green list, bigeye tuna caught by longline in South Africa is on the Orange list, while imported Bluefin tuna is on the Red list. To help you make an ocean-friendly choice, use these SASSI tools.

Sassi is an app on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that you can download which will allow you to check the sustainability of your seafood choice.

No Sign up… Just use the app

Time needed: 2 minutes.

After downloading the Sassi App its simple to get info about most fish.

Open the sassi app.From the icon generally on the home page

Select one of the following options.Select a fish species “The sassi list”.

The sustainability status of the fish will be shown in 3 different colors

Green – Best choice when eating seafood.
Orange – Think twice about eating this fish. 
Red – Do not buy this fish at all.