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Eco Friendly Packaging Brands

Eco friendly Products are the only way to go forward because of all the not so Eco friendly products killing our environment and harming our animals.

We will do our best to help you find biodegradable products & sustainable living supplies that are better for you and our planet.
By connecting you to the Eco conscious brands You will be able to live a more sustainable life.

Why break away from single use?

Single use Plastics and other items have taken up more time on our planet than it took to manufacture and use the product. This sort of waste is extremely dangerous for our environment, animals and the future generations that will be left to clean up after us. If we don’t change now our own waste will run our lives.

Why is plastic so bad?

We go through so much effort in first extracting resources from the earth, manufacturing plastic, then importing, exporting, so many things happen for us to simply throw it away, leave the plastic on the beach, streets, forests, parks and also sitting on landfills.

It could take weeks or months for that very piece of plastic end up at the store to be thrown away 10 minutes later, to pollute our environment for 200+ years.

How do the alternatives improve this?

For every product that can harm our environment there is a more sustainable planet friendly alternative, if not then surely we do not need it. Toothbrushes, packaging, sanitary supplies, plastic cutlery, straws, all of these have alternatives that are much better for the environment and we will ensure that you get all you need to live a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the nature.

EnviroMall - Packaging & Event Suppliers

Certified packaging made from plants, home Compostable which safely decompose within 30-90 days. EnviroMall has a wide range of Eco Friendly Packaging and Products for all applications and industries – including fast food, event catering, airlines, hotels, picnic spots, and we are able to create bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

Products available : Takeaway packaging, Deli packaging, Tableware, Hot drink Cups, Cold drink Cups, Straws, Cutlery, Kraft packaging.

Biodegradable.co.za - Find Wholesalers

Biodegradable.co.za allows you to Connect with local Eco conscious brands, suppliers and manufacturers in South Africa. Find biodegradable products & sustainable living supplies that are better for our planet and the rest of the sentient beings we share the world with.