Just because you can’t see the damage in your home doesn’t mean its not a problem.

Once you take a step back and have a look into the world you will see that you are just as much a part this earth as the animals that are harmed by our hand. If we have ever littered or thrown plastic away we don’t know what has happened to it after the rubbish truck picks it up. Does the rubbish vanish or go to a magical place where there is endless place. “if there isn’t place in your home for a years worth of your waste then what makes you think that there is place somewhere else with millions of others”. Land pollution is a real thing If we all take small steps collectively as a community then we would be able to combat this and turn the tide before its to late. We will be able to save our planet just in time. Millions of animals and life out there are affected by our daily habits and the only solution is to reprogram the way we do things the power lies with humanity in this one.

What is Land pollution?

  • Litter 
    • When you are finished with something or unwrap a sweet and throw the rubbish to the ground this is called littering.
  • Oil Spills –
    • This isn’t something that occurs day to day in South Africa but it is a huge concern when it happens. and usually the community gets together as volunteers to help clean up the animals and area.
  • Pesticides 
    • When using pesticides they degrade the soil and start damaging and negatively affecting the organisms living in the soil.
  • Mining 
    • Acid mine drainage, toxic waste and abandoned mines remain a problem to our environment in South Africa