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The Eco Warriors

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John Marais

After working 7 years in the marketing & sales industry i needed more out of life, i knew with all my heart that this is not the reason people are alive, to buy and sell and live out our lives with no clear consequences of our actions.

I needed to provide more value to our world, i needed to find out what really matters to me, the planet and to others.

So i Left my job and took marketing on the road and now i help off the grid living become online, I help host & plan events that benefit our planet and i ensure that whatever it is i do makes a difference in restoring order to our environment, animals and people .

There is no more time to waste.

Founder of the tribe

May, 2019



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David Mcpherson

Hello fellow lovers of our home! I’m Dave. I feel like I’ve been an environmentalist since I was first taught about the problem of climate change.

This passion lead me to study Electro-mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town in the hope that I can apply the knowledge and problem solving skills to doing my best in helping mitigate the climate crisis. This culminated in a final year project designing a biodigester, one of the coolest eco-friendly tools out there.

Some of the other things I hold dear are animal rights, kitesurfing and other sports that allow me to get moving and connected to nature.

It’s not easy living in a world in crisis and I feel guilty often, but I hope that I can push myself to do better and write about it along the way!

Joined the tribe

August, 2019