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Toiletries are essential at home, office and of course when traveling. Examples of toiletries are toothbrushes, toothpaste, Hairbrush or comb, razors, toilet paper and more.

Eco friendly toiletries can sometimes be hard to find in South Africa so buying your products online means you do not have to run around searching for what you need. Take the time you spend searching for a toiletries list and the traveling to buy the products.
It would have been easier and cheaper, in the long run, to get what you need to be delivered to your home.

All Eco Warrior toiletries are Environmentally Friendly ensuring you have the peace of mind that you only leave your footprints where you go.

You can get involved with environmental protection at home by reducing the amount of single use plastics in your bathroom and on your trip with our collection of eco friendly products & plastic-free.

Leave only your footprints, this is what we want to help you achieve. When traveling or when restocking supplies at home we help you make the natural choice by supplying environmentally sustainable products.

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