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What is an Eco Warrior?

An eco warrior is someone that has taken up the role to put the planet first. Get involved in protecting and restoring order the the natural way of things.

Want to live a natural lifestyle?

We express minimalism but in some cases people want to purchase things like cleaning stuff, cutlery, clothing and more. in this case do research and check what you are using, if its harmful don’t use it. Make it yourself or shop at a place that does stock these items.

Where can i get started on my journey?

We are constantly working to keep our resources updated to assist you in getting involved with helping the environment, animals and humans. But also we have an online store if you are looking for items in the home and for traveling sustainably.

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EcoWarrior.co.za is as much mine as it is yours, This is a place where Eco Warriors connect, support each other and help bring about a way of doing business without competition. We all want a better future, this is not the time for greed but the time to uplift each other. So if you have something to share get in touch and if you want to partner up that would be great too. Much love fellow human.
John Marais, Eco Warrior

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