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Together we can achieve more...

Eco warrior SA is a journey, our website started a few years ago to create awareness about planting trees, we were sharing info about beach cleanups, pollution and how to get involved with local Eco warriors in order to try help save our home – Mother Earth..

In order to create the most change and ensure more people waste less Eco warrior SA has partnered with local brands, leading suppliers and manufacturers…

We now supply Eco friendly products, Biodegradable packaging, cleaning products, and more sustainable alternatives, and we also post about awesome places that need humans to help out.


Please call john on 061 434 0063 for any info regarding Eco Warrior SA

Affordable Plastic tape Alternative!

Eco warrior SA supplies general packaging supplies, eco friendly tape, shipping boxes and more. Find the best options for Eco Packaging such as Kraft Paper tape used for packaging, Sfk cardboard rolls, Eco friendly shipping boxes and more plastic packaging alternatives.

Kraft paper tape is the perfect alternative to plastic tape & we offer the best pricing. We currently do not offer branding /printing onto our kraft tapes… When everyone was using plastic tape, it wasn’t necessary, it shouldn’t be now – less is more

Feed the planet after your Meals

Compostable packaging needs to be disposed of correctly, by making use of composting and other methods like recycling. Let us help you find your eco friendly take away packaging.

Be an Eco Warrior and use a natural, plastic free, chlorine-free Biodegradable packaging alternative to traditional plastic alternatives. Our Takeaway packaging is made from renewable resources ensuring that we supply natural planet friendly options which are biodegradable and compostable, feel free to browse the packaging suitable for hot and cold foods.

Eco Friendly products Supplier

From Making a fire with coffee waste to making your garden plastic free with biodegradable pots.  Eco warrior SA supplies eco friendly and biodegradable products to businesses, restaurants, schools, guesthouses & online stores. 

To make sure that you dont sell your soul to go eco friendly we have chosen to sell in bulk, this also saves you money on fuel, it saves time and it is the most sustainable option in order to also provide pricing everyone can afford.

An eco warrior is someone that has taken up the role to put the planet first. Get involved in protecting and restoring order the the natural way of things.
We express minimalism but in some cases people want to buy cleaning products , cutlery, clothing and more. in this case do research and check what you are using, if its harmful don’t use it. Make it yourself or shop at a place that does stock these items.
We are constantly working to keep our resources updated to assist you in getting involved with helping the environment, animals and humans. But also we have an online store if you are looking for items in the home and for traveling sustainably.


Please check out the store and products to see if you can find what you are looking for, alternatively you can contact us if you want to speak to a human

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